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We proudly boast a team of highly skilled, experienced and widely educated professionals from around the globe. We have joined forces to provide world-class recruitment, training & development, Consultancy and support to companies and major co-operations.
Nothing succeeds like success and between us we have way over 60 years of combined experience and impressive list of accomplishments, which we offer to you in the form of consultancy and trainings to help you make your people and consequently your company, the best.

CHRIS, Managing Consultant is the Principal Business Coach of Sheffield Resources Sdn Bhd. He brings with him more than 25  years of experience in the Manufacturing, Electronic, Service, Retail, Consumer and Pharmaceutical industries, having had a career that spanned across a wide spectrum of industries, both  local and multi national.

His professional experience includes holding various key positions including Regional HR Director for Gillette and HR  Organizational and Corporate Affairs Director for Glaxo Smith Kline Malaysia. He was a panel member of the Malaysian Industrial Court and was also a committee member of the Malaysian Institute of Personnel Management ( northern Branch). He has a wide experience in managing Industrial Disputes at the IR and Labor Department.

Chris  obtained his Masters of Business Administration majoring in Human Resource Management . He  also obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management from UK. He is  also a certified  NLP Executive and Corporate coach  from the International Society of Neuro – Semantics.

Chris has  designed and developed many Organizational Development Programs to improve productivity. He  has  widely conducted training programs for  Senior & Middle Management & Supervisory level,  motivational and coaching programs  in many of the Organizations that he had served. Among others, he has conducted reorganization and training workshop such as Team Building, Communication Skills, Positive Work Attitude, Motivational Programs, Clerical Development Programs, Executive and Supervisory Development Programs, effective Customer Service, Grooming for Success etc. The training modules are conducted using the accelerated training and experiential learning concept and are geared towards maximizing participants learning abilities and customize to suit the organization needs. 

VIGNES,  the Principal Consultant is an experienced Human Resource practitioner, who has gained invaluable experience in the area of  HR Operations in the Pharmaceutical, Consumer Healthcare and Manufacturing sector. She worked as Human Resources Operations Director with GlaxoSmithKline and  her expertise  are in the areas of  recruiting, managing employee relations and counseling activities.  

Vignes has an excellent people relationship and her people skills has enabled her to successfully implement many HR initiatives in the organizations she worked for. Her keen eye in selection and recruitment  of the right people for the right job has made her an excellent Search Consultant .

After almost devoting 20 challenging years in GlaxoSmithKline, she was ready for new challenges in life and her key interest  was to  fulfill other needs in life, that is to make an impact on the lives of others by helping them realize their greatest potentials.

She has a lot of joy and satisfaction meeting, helping, coaching and seeing people change their lives. Vignes is  a certified Compensation & Benefit Specialist.

DESMOND HO, is the Senior Consultant of Sheffield Resources Sdn Bhd. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Arts (majoring in Economics) with Honours from University Malaya in 1986.

Desmond started his working career back in 1987 and has since been working with a number of foreign and local multi national companies holding  senior management positions. Desmond brings with him valuable business and market expertise accrued from a remarkable 20 years career in marketing, sales and business development spanning different markets and regions.

In addition to the above he was a trainer cum SB Academy Tutor for one of the foreign multinational and has been instrumental in developing people’s competencies and capabilities. His job encompassed identifying, developing, conducting, monitoring, and evaluating training with the objective of continuously up-grading Performance Standards and Skills in Management.

Tracey has a background in management and sales and has spent the past 20 years learning from life and understanding the infinite fullness we all contain as humans. Tracey has facilitated through a number of spiritual and motivational mediums to inspire people to find the vision of their true unlimited potential

Tracey brings an outstanding depth of personal awareness and understanding in her role as Human Performance Specialist. She is a natural healer, a certified practitioner in aura-soma, which is a system using the language of colour and a holistic life coach. Both individual services and group facilitation have been the basis of Tracey’s work. An experienced and sought after motivational speaker Tracey has delivered motivational presentations both in Australia and throughout New Zealand . Tracey is a member of the IGC (International Guild of Coaches) and she is also a trainer in the Advanced Diploma in Natural Healing & Holistic Life Coaching for SOHLNZ.

Core Values
Life happens for you – not to you
Fulfill your destiny
Life flows

A leader in her business career Allison has worked in human services for the past 18 years. Stakeholder management, leadership, people management, human performance specialist and strategic management are strong attributes. Allison has a Certificate in Business Management and has a Diploma in Strategic Leadership from Mt Eliza Business School of the University of Melbourne Australia. She also holds a Diploma in The Art of Facilitation from the Zenergy School of Facilitation, Auckland, New Zealand. In the past 15 years Allison has been involved in designing and facilitating programs that assist people to step into a greater level of success and happiness in their lives. Allison has many years of facilitation, people management and course development skills. She is a master facilitator, holistic life coach and founding member of the International Guild of Coaches.

Core Values
Value and respect the individual
Life has purpose
Enjoy the journey

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