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This program is designed to raise the capability/ competency of all Malaysian to have a great successful winning life.

At this program we as your Career Coach Consultants are solely focused on you as our (paying) clients and your career needs. We always have your best interests in our mind. Unlike recruitment consultants who are paid by client companies or Human Resources departments which are paid by their employers and therefore we are independent and do not have any conflicting interests.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the recruitment processes they use and the expectations of employers and agencies. With this indebt knowledge we are able to effectively guide you in your job hunting strategies and are able to advise you when to use recruitment agencies and how to demonstrate to them and employers that you are the best candidate for the role. We can make job hunting less stressful and arduous as we give you effective strategies to get the role you want more quickly and guide you through the process. We also help boost and maintain your self-confidence by tapping into and uncovering your innate abilities and defining your career achievements. Finally we will help you with all aspects of job hunting and take the pain out of getting you next role by coaching you mind techniques which will enable you to attract the right job that you looking for to have a successful career.

The CDP prepares participants to acquire the right mindset through the understanding of the mind (thoughts), believe system which is one of the key skill components that one need to have to be able to secure the job that they desire.

Through the CDP, we provide the ground for the participants to understand the key transferable skills that potential employers look for and how they can impress them to secure the job.

At the end of this 2-day program participants would have acquired the understanding of how thought powers work and use it to their advantage to attract the right job at the right place at the right time. They would also have a clear understanding on what transferable skills employers look for and how the knowledge that they have acquired will assist them to win the competition.

Finally we would conduct a separate 9 sessions of intensive individual/group coaching and 1 session of actual meeting with potential employers where you get the real exposure of understanding organizational values and demands which will enhance opportunities of winning a job.

Career coaching for your organization Organizations have now come to realize the need to offer career coaching services for their staff. Huge MNC companies are able to provide these services in-house through their talent management process. However, this is not a viable option for many smaller organizations, and they hire external consultants to enable them to offer this service. The main benefit of using external consultants is that it ensures objectivity and confidentiality.

Career coaching is simply a process of helping individuals to understand and manage themselves their careers more effectively, and to empower them with the tools to enable them to benefit both themselves and the organizations they work for.

Career coaching is relevant for employees and managers at all organizational levels for the purposes of staff retention. The key challenges organizations face during this trying times are employee mobility and economic uncertainty, This causes a huge problem in the area of attracting and recruitment of new staff, and at the same time being able to train, and retain existing staff.

The cost of replacing an existing staff can cost 50% to 200% of an employee’s annual salary. This covers recruitment, training, downtime, loss of teamwork the loss of organizational knowledge.

For this reason, it is vital that organizations actively focus on retention of good employees as we know that a happy employee is a productive employee. Similarly, it is an accepted fact that unproductive staff can also have an adverse negative effect on both the organization and its bottom line, and other employees and the work environment as a whole.

There may be many reasons why a particular staff member may be under performing, which may or may not be obvious to their line Manager (or even HR).

Independent and objective career coaching is an effective way to identify the reasons why a specific employee may be unhappy or unproductive.

As a result of the career coaching process, it is possible for participants to identify the career environment they are best suited to, enabling steps to be taken to resolve issues constructively to the best benefit of all parties (avoiding possible negative fallout).

Career coaching is not simply a service to be provided once an employee has been made redundant or retrenched and is in need of outplacement services. Outplacement services in themselves are no longer simply the domain of middle management and above, these services are now being made available to employees at all levels.

Sheffield Career Coaching Consulting have worked with various organizations to provide career management, outplacement and transition services for a wide variety of employees in various professions from different industries.

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